Thursday, October 17, 2013

Smoque, Canberra

I wrote about my first time at Smoque here, which was nearly a year ago! That first time was rather disappointing (ha! what is it about first times?) with massive wait times of 2.5 hours to get a table and then the restaurant running out of food on a busy Saturday night! Since then I've been back to Smoque twice, both had been rather hurried meals and neither experiences left me wanting to add anything more to my first write-up.

But earlier this week, I dined at Smoque with a large group on a weekday night and had a much more enjoyable experience that I thought warranted a re-blog. Because it was a week night and because we had a group of more than six we could book a table! Hallelujah, no more waiting 2.5 hours for your dinner.

The pork ribs and the Mac n cheese that were denied to me at my first time were in plentiful supply and let me just say everything was just smoquin' delicious!

Although the menu has so many tempting things like burgers and pulled pork and brisket and the likes I couldn't go past my three favourite things; pork ribs and buffalo wings with a side of Mac n cheese.

The pork ribs were fatty (in a good way) and had a wonderful smoky caramelised glaze to it. They just needed to be a little bit juicier to really blow me away though. The girls and I shared this half rack and we found it to be a more than generous size for sharing given we aren't the world's biggest carnivores.

Apologies about the blurry photo here; I had to slap some over-excited hands out of the way and only had seconds to snap a photo before half the plate disappeared. These buffalo wings (of regular heat; not hot or suicidal) was the best I've had at Smoque to date. In the past we found the wings to have either an over-powering smoky smell or coated in way too much rich sauce but this lot was just perfect; so much finger licking flavour and with a little drizzle of the blue cheese aioli it was seriously amazing.

And then there's the three cheese Mac n cheese. Ok, it is just Macaroni and cheese which you may not think is a big deal but let me insist that it is a huge deal. You just have to try it to believe it. The almost burnt bits were the best part; so much creamy, cheesy goodness!

I've included photos of some of the other dishes that the rest of the group had; veggie burger, Texan Waldorf salad and the original pulled pork burger. Everything got the thumbs up and no one was left hungry. 

It was a bit of a surprise to see a full restaurant here even on a random Tuesday night; obviously the popularity and hype around Smoque is still going strong! The service was nothing memorable; one waitress in particular was rather surly all night but the food made up for it. I think it's time for me to branch out and try something else on the menu next time though; The Ultimate Burger with brisket, pork, cheddar, coleslaw, jalapeno and bacon or the Carolina pulled pork are both sounding like rather tempting options!

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  1. I walked past here this evening. Nearly went but too lazy once I got to the hotel. Next time!